Dr Who


Client: axisVFX / BBC

The Eighth Season of Dr Who starring Peter Capaldi, has served up a feast of frightful enemies, yet none more creepy and terrifying than the 'Boneless' - ​beings from another plane with the ability to absorb humans and transform them into static, two-dimensional entities trapped as paintings and murals.

Audiomotion teamed up with axisVFX and director Douglas Mackinnon to capture the ​glitchy, distorted and ethereal essence of the sinister shapeshifters​ who rise from their 2D ​forms to become 3-dimensional menaces, all through the use of motion capture. Flatline aired on 18th October on BBC1. 

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Behind the Scenes VFX Process

Alien: Isolation

Face Your Fears

Client: Creative Assembly / Sega

Audiomotion are proud to announce our collaboration on Alien: Isolation, developed by Creative Assembly and published by Sega. We shot over two weeks worth of full performance capture and trailer sequences with a stellar cast and crew, recreating each intricate scene with scrupulous planning, prop consideration and set construction.

Alien: Isolation shows performance capture at its best, crafting realism through subtle face and body movements. The end result is a compelling performance, filled with believable emotion, as Ripley and co face their fears in a game of survival.

Dead Island 2

They're Back...

Client: Axis / Deep Silver

The one and only Dead Island is heading over to the Golden State and is bringing the zombie apocalypse to a whole new level!

The highly anticipated announcement trailer for Dead Island 2 from multi award winning companies Axis Animation and Audiomotion Studios was recently unveiled at E3 and was quick to be hailed as one of the event highlights.

Director Ben Craig injects a fresh, comedy take on the zombie genre and the trailer has aleady had over 4.75m views to date.

View the Trailer HERE and spread the Zombie Love.


Sleeping Beauty Retold

Client: Walt Disney Pictures

Myth, magic and Maleficent... an old fairy tale gets bought to life!

Oscar winning actress and Executive Producer Angelina Jolie stars as the evil enchantress, Maleficent in the untold story of Sleeping Beauty. Directed by Robert Stomberg, the film reveals the events that harden Maleficent’s heart and drive her to curse baby Aurora, played by Elle Fanning.

Working with VFX house Digital Domain, Audiomotion were called in to work their magic, focusing on stunts and the flying pixie character performances - driven by actresses Imelda Staunton, Lesley Manville and Juno Temple on flying rigs.

Guinness World Record Event

Helping Us Make Mocap History!

Audiomotion and Vicon are attempting to set a Guinness World Record for 'The Most People Motion Captured in Real-Time' and have been asking people to vote for their favourite scenarios via Facebook and Twitter.

The options are:

1. Cheerleader Pyramid
2. Group Dance Routine
3. Rugby Scrum

Voting has now closed and the winner will be announced soon. The World Record Attempt will take place early 2015. Stay tuned!

Evolution Man

From French Tale To Feature Film

Audiomotion are proud to announce their involvement in a new full length, animated feature, "Evolution Man".

The French production, featuring actor and comic Jamel Debbouze is based on a famous children's novel and was shot using Performance Capture throughout. The film is already shaping up to be one of the biggest French releases of 2015!

Audiomotion worked together with the all French cast and crew for the 8 week shoot, capturing up to 30 actors, dancers & acrobats and delivering over 27 hours of animation. Having a fully equipped location rig meant that we were able to continue shooting in Oxford at the same time. 

Level Three

Level Three Performance Capture Services

Audiomotion have teamed up with fellow industry leaders, Cubic Motion and 3Lateral to offer a unique and unrivalled performance capture service.

Called Level Three, the service combines Audiomotion’s performance capture solution, 3Lateral’s scanning and rigging tech and Cubic Motion’s facial animation technology.

For more information, email Mick Morris at

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We Have Relocated!

After 10 happy years being based in Oxford, we have finally relocated to our new premises. The new Studios are based in Wheatley and they are large. Very large.

Images and more details to follow, once we have settled in.

New address and details to be found in the contacts section.

FIFA 2014

FIFA 14 Signs Bale

Client: EA Sports

Audiomotion were thrilled to capture football superstar, Gareth Bale for EA Sports' FIFA 14.

Bale, who has been a big fan of the FIFA franchise for over a decade, donned the lycra suit and showcased his free kick technique alongside a series of athletic drills and passes - captured using the latest RealTime technology.

Bale is the latest football star to grace the FIFA Packshot alongside our old friend Lionel Messi.
Watch the Behind the Scenes footage HERE