My Horse

Galloping App The Charts

Client: NaturalMotion

My Horse, developed by NaturalMotion has stormed its way onto the Apple Store and was the only new app on the top grossing charts in it's opening week.

The realistic horse simulation game features high-end graphics that lets players care for their own virtual horse and train it to compete in show jumping events.

The beautifully animated, horse motion capture provided by Audiomotion Studios makes
My Horse and it's jaw-dropping visuals an instant hit on the free app chart.

Harry Potter

Half Blood Prince Released

Client: Electronic Arts

Tying in with the long awaited film release of
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince comes the mulitplatform video game developed and published by EA.

Audiomotion was not only approached to provide the additional ingame mocap for Har
ry Potter and Hermione Granger for the sixth installment in the HP franchise but also to capture Quidditch sequences.

To recreate the flying Quidditch movements, we used a specially constructed wooden frame which allowed the actor to rotate on his 'broomstick' whilst being supported by a wire harness.

Sleepover Party

Party Planning With An Interactive Twist

Client: NikNak Games / Ubisoft

Sleepover Party is the ultimate party organizer for teens and tweens aided by virtual hostess extraordinaire
, Aimee.

Developed By NikNak games for the Wii, Sleepover Party guides players through various party planning stages - from selecting party themes to building guest lists and shopping lists, as well as participating in
interactive games, activities and applications.

Bratz Girlz Really Rock

Bratz Rocking Beats

Client:  Blitz Games / THQ

The latest video game in the Bratz Doll franchise.

Developed by Blitz Games, the game takes you on a journey into world of Bratz experiencing fun, fashion and fame along the way! Design your outfits, create dazzling accessories, record songs in the studio and strut your stuff on stage!

Audiomotion worked with a leading choreographer and star of the live Bratz stage show to recreate the rock band sequences and dance mocap.