Guitar Hero Live

Client: FreeStyleGames / Activision

Audiomotion Studios are pleased to announce our collaboration with FreeStyleGames and Activision in the recently launched Guitar Hero Live. 

We shot over 2 weeks of performance capture previs, tracking the musicians and the player camera which would later drive the motion control rig for the live action shots. With fully replica stage settings, the band members could seamlessly perform each track with all the atmosphere and energy of a live concert.

Brian Mitchell of Audiomotion explains "We were delighted to be involved with such a high profile franchise as Guitar Hero. Building some of the bigger stage sets really push our system to the limits. These shoots always have a great atmosphere, but it relies heavily on early access to the project which enabled our collaboration to achieve the very best results."

The Black Eyed Peas Experience

Boom, Boom Pow!

Client: Ubisoft

Audiomotion were delighted to work with global superstars, The Black Eyed Peas for the latest release in the award-winning "Experience" franchise.

With the 'Peas' and the international team behind the game in London for one day only, the production team at Audiomotion were given the tremendous challenge of not only mocapping the Peas busting those signature dance moves, but to also coordinate the cinematography, voice work and stills for the packshot artwork!

We gotta feeling...The Black Eyed Peas Experience is set to be a sure-fire hit!

DJ Hero Series

Rocking Turntables

Client: Freestyle Games / Activision

With a ever growing fan base and celebrity supporters including Jay-Z and  Eminem, DJ Hero is uber cool franchise from the makers of Guitar Hero DLC and B-Boy, Freestyle Games.

Audiomotion worked with a cast of DJs, actors, musicians and dancers for the character sequences and ingame animation. Using advanced finger capture technology we were able to capture intricate scratching and mixing - reflecting the authenticity, style and attitude of each character.

Guitar Hero World Tour

Guitar Hero On The Download

Client: Freestyle / Activision

Audiomotion worked with Freestyle Games to provide the facial motion capture for the worldwide phenomenon that is Guitar Hero.

The facial animation was captured as part of World Tour DLC catalogue and features artist such as Steely Dan, The Pixies and Nirvana.

Rockband 2

Harmonix Intro Rocks Out

Client: Passion Pictures / Harmonix

Audiomotion were approached by Passion Pictures to provide the motion capture for the cinematic trailer of Rock Band 2.

Directed by Pete Candeland whose most notable work includes music videos for The Gorillaz, the opening sequence sees two duelling bands performing on top of moving cars as they race along the highway.

This scene was recreated at Audiomotion studios using a specially build car prop, using harnesses to produce the death defying leap action where the lead character jumps across to the rival team's car.


Breaking Mocap Boundaries

Client: Freestyle Games / SCEE

Sony's 2006 B-Boy project saw Audiomotion embark on an ambitious 2 year mocap journey, individually capturing top B-Boys from Korea, Japan, USA & Europe. Capturing extreme dance moves such as head, back and elbow spins, presented serious challenges but the results are truly something to be proud of.

“Audiomotion have proven to be a first class partner throughout the development of B-Boy at Freestyle Games. They're not only passionate and experienced at what they do, they provide a level of service beyond the call of duty.”  Chris Lee, FSG

Rock DJ Music Promo

Robbie Williams Stripped Bare

Client: Godman / Clear
When top Soho Production Company, Godman came up with the concept for 'Rock DJ', they knew they were pushing the boundaries of special effects technology to new levels. With a distinctive dance style and mannerisms instantly recognisable to fans, there was only one man for the job - Mr. Robbie Williams himself.

The shoot was filmed on location at Bray studios in Berkshire with Audiomotion's fully portable system. The capture process took less than an hour to complete, and everything was recorded in just 5 takes, which is an excellent achievement even by Audiomotion's high standards.