Dr Who


Client: axisVFX / BBC

The Eighth Season of Dr Who starring Peter Capaldi, has served up a feast of frightful enemies, yet none more creepy and terrifying than the 'Boneless' - ​beings from another plane with the ability to absorb humans and transform them into static, two-dimensional entities trapped as paintings and murals.

Audiomotion teamed up with axisVFX and director Douglas Mackinnon to capture the ​glitchy, distorted and ethereal essence of the sinister shapeshifters​ who rise from their 2D ​forms to become 3-dimensional menaces, all through the use of motion capture. Flatline aired on 18th October on BBC1. 

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Behind the Scenes VFX Process

Mummies Alive

Client: RealtimeUK / Impossible Factual

Mummies Alive is a 6 part, historical documentary series created for Impossible Factual (UK) and Saloon Media (Canada).

Depicting historical reconstructions from the Wild West to Iron Age Ireland and Incan Empire, Audiomotion worked alongside creatives at Impossible and RealtimeUK to motion capture the story driven CG elements including fight scenes and grisly death sequences. Using realtime previs, we were able to map out each scene and prop position so that it matched perfectly.

Mummies Alive was broadcast worldwide on Smithsonian Channel in the US, History Canada, SBS in Australia, ZDF in Germany and UKTV and Yesterday in the UK. 

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Cadbury Olympic Sponsorship

A Winning Team!

Client: Piranha Bar / Cadbury

Audiomotion recently teamed up with Dublin based Creative Studio, Piranha Bar to help create the 'visually stunning and innovative' Olympic sponsorship stings as part of Cadbury's ‘Enjoy the Moment’ campaign.

The mocap shoot was directed remotely via a HD live video stream with our athlete performing across multiple disciplines such as the hammer throw, sprint and boxing.

The idents ran a total of 600 times over the course of the games, grabbing the attention of viewers and creatives across Ireland.

Johnnie Walker Gold

Liquid Motion

Client: Love / Universal Everything

Audiomotion teamed up with creative agency, Love, art and design collective, Universal Everything and post house, Realise Studio to create the latest media campaign for Johnnie Walker: Gold Label Reserve Whisky.

Showcased across Asia, the film was created using a combination of live action footage and motion capture animation of contemporary dancer, Jade Yung and high-res stills taken from the footage were featured as part of the print campaign entitled 'The Spirit of Celebration'.

A visual treat for the senses!

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Philips Senso Touch

Smooth Touch, Smooth Animation.

Client: RSA / MPC

Ridley Scott Associates and The Moving Picture Company called upon Audiomotion for the tricky task of animal capture for their latest 3D TV spot.

The cutting edge stereoscopic 3D commercial features Teddy supported by his understudy, Red. The ad also features facial animation captured at Audiomotion Studios.

Greg Mutt

Greg Mutt. Internet Phenomenon!

Client: Busty Kelp / Audiomotion Studio

We are delighted to announce that Greg Mutt, the brainchild of Busty Kelp and Audiomotion Studios has been receiving a whole lotta love with his hilariously frank and candid webcam reviews.

Attracting scores of fans all over the world (plus a few celebrity followers) on YouTube and Twitter, Greg is fast becoming a celebrity in his own right so watch this space!


You've Got The Brains. We've Got The Brawn

Client: Rattling Stick / The Mill

When Britvic launched a campaign for its new water brand Drench, Ringan Ledwidge from Rattling Stick called in Audiomotion Studios and The Mill to help revitalise Brains from Thunderbirds.

In a refreshing mix of mocap, CG and pupeteering, Brains rips it up to the sounds of Rythmn is a Dancer, the classic '90s dance track.

The spot has won many awards at Cannes, BTAA, APA and best animation at The Midsummers.


Citroen Skater. On Ice With A Twist.

Client: The Mill

When embarking on a freezing cold night shoot at Sheffield ice rink for the Citroen Skater commercial we had no idea it would turn out to be internationally recognised as one of the most iconic commercials of its time.

The Mill requested our services, knowing there were very few studios in the world with the skills to deliver on something as difficult as motion capture on ice. Will O'Connor from the Mill said "Audiomotions ability to go further in pursuit of the impossible make them an outstanding company".  

With over 2 million hits on YouTube the accolades include 2 CLIOS, one for animation, and an EPICA.

Lynx Billions

Lynx Beauties Flock In Their Billions

Client: The Mill

Following on with the ‘spray more, get more’ campaign, the latest 'Click' ad sees billions of bikini clad beauties flocking towards the Lynx scented male.

Audiomotion’s motion capture expertise was called upon by post-production company The Mill, to capture the raw data of girls running, jumping, jostling with each other, wading and climbing. Contrary to the impression given in the finished ad, just three models were recorded during the session.

Winner of various awards including Gold at the Sharks and Bronze at The CLIOs.

Boots: Summer Rush

'Get Out There' TV Spot

Client: The Mill

Latest TV Spot from brand giant Boots.

Audiomotion again teamed up with award winning post-production company, The Mill to capture data that make up the huge crowds enjoying the unpredictable and short-lived sunshine in the park scenes of the hit Boots summer ad campaign.

The result is an witty example of why we Brits should always be prepared - come rain or shine!

Puma ' Until Then'

Reaching Fever Pitch

Client: The Mill / Puma

This is no ordinary football match. In a stadium of the future, two teams battle it out in front of a huge roaring crowd. But the players aren’t wearing hi-tech boots – they’re wearing hi-tech legs. This is ‘Until Then’, the new commercial for the Puma V1 08 Speedboot.

It was, says the Mill’s VXF supervisor Jordi Bares, ‘a fully fledged CG project’, demanding sophisticated digital choreography to create from scratch the city, the players, the arena and the crowds. The result was a believable vision of the future, made achievable through a combination of stunning vfx from The Mill, high tech motion capture from Audiomotion and lightning quick ball play from some of the worlds best football freestylers.

Persil Roboboy

Dirt is Good.

Client: The Mill

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