Art Imitating Life

Visual Art Form Goes Abstract

Multi-award winning studio Audiomotion has been delivering performance capture animation for Film, Games and TV for over 15 years.

This emotive language is now beginning to enjoy a more expansive role within the contemporary arts with recent collaborations such as installations with artists such as John Gerrard's Exercise (Djibouti 2012) and Hyundai's Made by Humans, the digitally sculptured 'Vision Hall' with Universal Everything.

Watch Made By Humans on Vimeo

Presence 5.1

Digital Presence 

Audiomotion were excited to once again team up with digital art and design collective, Universal Everything and the LA Dance Project to create Presence 5.1 - a digital installation by Matt Pyke, commissioned for the Virgin Media Studio at the Science Museum, London.

Presence 5.1 is featured as part a series consisting on 24 films created from six individual dance sequences using motion capture played back with evolving digital 'costumes' to demonstrate how modern technology and innovation can reveal what really makes us human.

Universal Everything & You is exhibiting up until 7th February 2014. Watch the 'making of' footage on Vimeo

Exercise (Djibouti) 2012

Athletic Interpretation 

Audiomotion were delighted to collaborate with artist, John Gerrard on his large scale cinematic title 'Exercise (Djibouti) 2012' in collaboration with Modern Art Oxford and formed as part of the London 2012 Festival to celebrate the history of modern Olympic and Paralympic Movements.

Originating in found documentary images of US military exercises in Djibouti (Horn of Africa) and informed by research into athletic achievement, the work makes use of emerging technologies to reflect on the relationship between competitive sport, military training, theatrical performance and dance.

'As troubling as it is breathtaking' - The Guardian